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The Polish cream fudge called Krowki is an exceptional kind of candy. krogal_25The fudge tastes wonderful, evokes smile and brings back the best recollections from consumer’s childhood. Since the early 1960s we deliver to our customer’s candies in characteristic, at the first glance recognizable wrappings. The taste of the most popular Krowki fudge hasn’t changed until today, although in response to our customers’ expectations we have introduced into our offer some new tastes.



Classical Krowki fudge excellently proves its value also in advertisement. Having in mind companies, we have prepared an offer that makes business relations sweeter and creates a positive image of the company: we manufacture advertising cream fudge and so called private label branded fudge, i.e. sweets in wrappings containing brand labels of our customers.



We invite you to view our offer of classical Krowki cream fudge made by Krogal (milk and cocoa flavour) as well as hand-made fudge.

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Traditional cream fudge


Ideal taste, perfect consistency of fudge mass and the best ingredients:


Advertising cream fudge


What can you do if you want the advertising of your company to evoke positive associations? The answer is: