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Hand-made cream fudge


In the past, in exclusive confectioneries only products personally manufactured and wrapped by experienced confectioners were served. Nowadays, hand-made products have become the symbol of luxury. They are expression of the highest diligence and care of product quality. Manually wrapped cream fudge is delivered to the especially demanding recipients in order to embellish their tables and spoil their palates. The manually formed wrapping hides the classical or enhanced with a unique flagrance, taste of those traditional Polish sweets.


Milky cream fudge

Milky cream fudge features a delicate flavour that you will never have enough. This is why it has won many admirers both among children and adults – nobody is able to resist the temptation to taste it. It is manufactured from full cream milk and butter, so apart from the excellent taste the candies contain lots of nutritive values.

Cocoa cream fudge

Milk and cocoa is an outstanding composition of flavours. Our own fudge recipe that has proven itself in the course of many decades was completed with the inimitable flavour of cocoa. Thanks to it, the candies have gained a distinctive taste that it is impossible to compare with any other cocoa-based sweets. Everybody who tries those delicious, manually wrapped titbits will surely take a liking to them.

Traditional cream fudge

Ideal taste, perfect consistency of fudge mass and the best ingredients: that’s one of the most outstanding confectionery recipes which have ever been composed: Traditional Cream Fudge. Each of them is wrapped manually in a piece of paper with characteristic pattern, which has been very well known for many years. For many generations of Polish gourmands it will mean return to the carefree period of their childhood, and to the sweets which, thanks to the whole ingredients, contained also lots of nutritive values.

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Traditional cream fudge


Ideal taste, perfect consistency of fudge mass and the best ingredients:


Advertising cream fudge


What can you do if you want the advertising of your company to evoke positive associations? The answer is: