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About us

The „Krogal” brand history began in the 1960s, when the first Krowki cream fudge was manufactured by Z. C. "Cukrogal" company in their affiliated plant in Głuchołazy. The new product became immediately popular with customers. To the brand’s success contributed the fact that experienced specialists have been charged with composition of recipe and manufacturing process of the fudge. Due to work standards and principles concerning taking care of flavour qualities that were devised at that time, the brand distinguished itself in the traditions of the Polish confectionary industry.   

Today, the tradition of "Cukrogal" products is continued by Drobmar company. Since 2000 it is engaged in manufacturing the traditional cream fudge with „Krogal” brand label. The composition and an extensive experience taken over from predecessors make it possible to deliver tasty cream fudge in well known wrappings to the successive generations of recipients. Thanks to implementation of international manufacturing standards, confirmed by HACCP, GMP and GHP certificates it is possible to maintain the high quality of products. Since the beginning of the 21st century also consumers from abroad started developing an appetite for „Krogal” sweets.  

Drobmar company has at its disposal a chain of food stores located in Upper Silesia and owns a production plant in Głuchołazy.

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Traditional cream fudge


Ideal taste, perfect consistency of fudge mass and the best ingredients:


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What can you do if you want the advertising of your company to evoke positive associations? The answer is: